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Proven results

Byers-Crow Consulting Services owner Sharon Crow was successful in coordinating the legislative agenda for Daytona State College. She is a successful career woman having served as an administrator and legislative advocate.

During her tenure as the chief legislative officer for the College, Sharon dealt with the Florida House, Florida Senate, Governor’s Office, and Department of Education on issues including, but not limited to:

Education, Academic Policy and Transfer Issues

Physical Plant, Facilities and Safety/Security Issues

Student Financial Aid and Support

Operating Budget Allocation

Secured special project funding

Over $100 million in facilities and special projects were funded during Sharon’s tenure

Additionally, she was successful with many policy issues as a member of the Association of Florida Colleges Legislative Committee for more than 20 years. Crow served two terms as chair of that committee.  

She was successful in shepherding several substantive legislative bills, in amending legislation when needed, and helping to defeat undesired legislation. 

Sharon served as the state president for the Association of Florida Colleges (formerly Florida Association of Community Colleges). The Association represents the states 28 Florida colleges serving the state of Florida.